You know I simply couldn't wear this outfit and not make an Addams Family reference? But seriously, not only did I want to talk about this series because it's obviously one of my all-time-favs, but also to talk a little bit about the history of it. The narrative itself is actually based on a comic by a cartoonist by the name of Charles Addams -- (I mean, who wouldn't want to write about a creepy rich family who is obsessed with the macabre). Cool fun fact about these comics though? They were first published in a 1938 version of The New Yorker. The special thing about the Addams Family is how 'normal' they think they really are. Plus, it's kinda cool how a small strip of cartoon in a magazine can turn into a classic Halloween story that gets passed down for years right!? But that's the cool thing about stories, they may shape shift and get told in different mediums, but they always bring you back to the same lessons and values. The value that the Addams Family always brings back without fault? That it's okay to be different.

I've been dying to post this outfit on my blog for months, and I'm so excited I finally have gotten the opportunity. Although you've definitely seen this top make an appearance on KQ before, I did mention it was from a Storet's Joann Overlay Set, which I simply can't get enough of. This look is perfect for a fun photoshoot, or a cool spring party, and I paired it with these knee high socks and simple Jeffrey Campbell booties. 

"Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting."

[Henry V 2.3]

Cheers, xxox - A. Martine