Happy 2018, you guys! What a cool kickoff to the year it's been so far – and I'm so happy I've been able to spend it in the coolest of careers, with the best of friends, and the most memorable of times (mainly #eating at cool places, of course).  I've definitely been an accessories, velvet, and glitter fiend this month, and here's everything I simply can't stop wearing.


Velvet Yellow Bodysuit - I picked up this baby at a boutique in Soho, but you can find a similar long sleeve version here. I've been loving this particular piece because it's super easy to dress up or down, and it can honestly be worn during anytime of the year.



Vintage Gucci Watch - This one you can't probably find easily (or affordably) in stores — I got this baby from my grandmother, and I've been absolutely holding it tight since. Granted, it doesn't work (lol I will be getting it fixed eventually..), but either way is a really pretty decorative piece that I'll never pass up wearing.



Camden Pearl HoopsI got these babies a couple of month's back in my Rocksbox, and I legit have been wearing them weekly ever since. They're super cute to compliment a high pony or braids, and I love the little pearl detail that garners a ton of double takes. 


Cuyana Card Wallet - I got this baby for Christmas from my dear dear friend Miss Amanda — AND I'M SO OBSESSED WITH IT! I love the six pocket design (plus one major slit down the center) and the simplicity of the monogram. 



Letterboard - I have my lovely co-worker MP to thank for this — as she couldn't have gotten my secret santa anymore right. I love a good letterboard, and even better, I love a good letterboard I can put in my very own room. 


Mini Instax Glitter FrameI already have a few of these, but I certainly have enough polaroids to fill up about a hundred. Thats why I recently ordered this frame in gold, and I totally love it just as much as my others. Literally, SO CUTE.

Here's to February, and you know what time it is — NYFW! Stay tuned on my Instagram to see what I'll be attending this time around ;)

"Let me be that I am, and seek not to alter me"

[Much Ado About Nothing 1.3]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine


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